Bangalow’s Heartbeat is a monthly, not for profit, grassroots, community focused magazine available in print and online fueled by volunteer contributors, photographers and distributors. Published consistently since 1998, “Heartbeat” as it is affectionately known by the locals is the hub of the hinterland.

We continue to honor our founding editor Colin Cook, who printed the early newsletters on green copy paper by replicating the same green background on our banner and Community Calendar. Our banner  incorporates the fig tree roots as a symbol that is familiar to the entire community and unites us. Like the fig that stays rooted to its heritage, it also grows towards the future and adapts in the present.

Our aim as  is to unite and strengthen the  area by providing platforms for issues concerning the community to initiate the conversation and keep it flowing. We pride ourselves on a content rich, full gloss magazine that reflects the quality of Bangalow and the people that make the place. By providing the opportunity for the individuals and groups to voice opinions and concerns our aim is to facilitate a cohesive community and address the development of 2479 and the environmental and social issues effecting the area. We encourage contributions and involvement from all ages, groups and individuals.

We distribute throughout the 2479 post code and to local hubs and tourist hot spots in the Northern Rivers region.

As a 24 page full gloss magazine we pride ourselves on quality production and content to reflect and represent the people that make the place that is 2479.

We are a community magazine with a positive persona and we ask that when engaging on our media platforms that all communications be respectful despite possible variants of opinions. Any posts or contributions that are disrespectful will be removed and the responsible party blocked from further engagement.

As a not for profit magazine we are appreciative of all our advertisers who assist to cover costs of production and distribution. Heartbeat membership is available to all adults of the 2479 community and post code area. Memberships are renewed each financial year and expire June 30th.